Services Include
Building Shiny apps and analytics dashboards Offering expert advice and training with Shiny or R Code review and optimization of Shiny apps or R scripts
Clients range from startups to universities to government agencies and large businesses

Sample of My Personal Shiny Apps
MSc in Bioinformatics (UBC) • Bachelor of Computer Science (University of Waterloo)
Interviewed for Episode 16 of The R-Podcast
Wrote an article for RStudio that is hosted on Shiny's official webpage
Two Shiny apps featured on RStudio's official Shiny User Showcase
Often in the top 5 Trending R Developers on GitHub
Official book reviewer of the book "Learning Shiny" (I personally do not recommend it...)

More information about my open source projects is available on my website
Want to learn how to build Shiny apps? Learn using my tutorial, which several people have told me is "even better than the RStudio Shiny tutorial!"
Want to have a similar website hosting your Shiny apps? Learn how using my popular tutorial
More apps by Dean